Diagnostic Smoke® Technologies Create Record Global Demand At Automechanika Frankfurt 2014

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Diagnostic Smoke® Technologies were an international draw, beating previous demo and inquiry records at the recent Automechanika Frankfurt featuring visitors from over 76 countries.

Exhibitors showcasing leak detecting smoke machines, such as Bosch®, Snap-on®, Hella Gutmann Solutions®, Vacutec® and Smoke Wizard®, saw a dramatic increase in interest in this innovative technology, mainly due to the capabilities of their dye feature, especially among automakers and other buyers from the host country of Germany and from across Europe including France, Italy, Spain and the UK.

More stringent European emissions laws, increased European vehicle complexities and additional on-board computer monitoring seems to be a driving factor in the greater interest in Diagnostic Smoke®. This technology helps diagnose the most common Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) whether it’s a lean code, an engine misfire, or a detected leak, drastically reducing technicians’ troubleshooting time.

Of special interest to international attendees was the UV Dye technology incorporated into the smoke vapor, because of its increased leak detection capabilities over smoke alone. This technology uses UltraTraceUV® dye solution, which is harmless to vehicle systems, to leave a deposit of ultraviolet dye at the spot of the leak that easily wipes away when it’s no longer needed. This is especially useful for finding many hidden and/or high-pressure leaks where smoke alone is less effective.

While this technology has become the industry standard in North America, it has been much less known in Europe and other international regions. As the recent trend at Automechanika shows, Diagnostic Smoke® leak detection has now become a global trend.

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