The World’s Only OEM-Mandated Smoke Technology!

STAR EnviroTech (Synergies Technology And Research) is the inventor & developer of proprietary Diagnostic Smoke® Vapor Leak Detection Technology. STAR worked in collaboration with various partners including Ford, GM and Chrysler, through their USCAR organization, in order to develop a universally-accepted vehicle fuel evaporative (EVAP) and vacuum leak detection technology, which has since become the industry standard.

Our patented technology is the ONLY smoke technology that can be used with nitrogen (or other inert gas) for safer EVAP testing. It is recommended or required by virtually all major automakers and it can be found inside 100% of the smoke machines approved and mandated by the automakers for their dealers, worldwide, for these type applications. STAR Technology is available in more than 125 countries and OEM-mandated in 41 countries. Sold by more leading tool manufacturers and distributors than any other smoke vapor technology in the world; Chosen by the Canadian Air Force and U.S. Military.


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