Licensor of the World's Only OEM-Mandated Smoke Technology

STAR Technology is available in more than 125 countries and so far OEM-mandated in 41 countries. Sold by more leading tool manufacturers and distributors than all competitors’ products combined.

STAR EnviroTech (STAR – Acronym for: Synergies Technology And Research) is the inventor & developer of proprietary Diagnostic Smoke® Vapor Leak Detection Technology. STAR worked in collaboration with various partners including Ford, GM and DaimlerChrysler, through their USCAR organization, in order to develop a universally-accepted vehicle fuel evaporative (EVAP) and vacuum leak detection technology, which has since become the industry standard around the world.  STAR technology is recommended or required by virtually all major automakers and it can be found inside 100% of the smoke machines mandated by the automakers for their authorized dealers, worldwide.


Our patented technology is the ONLY smoke technology that can be used with nitrogen (or any other inert gas) for safer EVAP testing.  It is also the ONLY smoke technology that can be used with dye and our UltraTraceUV® is the ONLY dye solution approved – and in many cases mandated – by automakers worldwide for their smoke machines.  Our special non-contaminating non-toxic UltraTraceUV® dye travels in the smoke vapor and deposits at the exact location of a leak.  And since it is non-permanent, it easily wipes off clean when no longer needed.  Our non-dye UltraTrace™ smoke solution is also available.

STAR Technology is considered the ‘gold standard’ for EVAP and vacuum leak testing and is the only vapor technology passing all automotive industry testing requirements. STAR licenses its technology to selected tool manufacturers and distributors worldwide; supplying the automotive, industrial, marine and aviation industries… And the Canadian Air Force and U.S. Military.

The leak detection applications for this technology are almost endless and certainly not limited to the automotive industry. It is known best to the auto industry because that is where it was first introduced.


CBS Money Watch STAR has won all USPTO patent reexamination challenges to its inert gas and dye patents. These Patent Office decisions mean that any competitor not licensing STAR smoke technology cannot use an inert gas (e.g. nitrogen or CO2, etc.) in a smoke machine for safer fuel evaporative (EVAP) system testing (to prevent creating a flammable mixture inside the vehicle’s fuel tank). They also cannot use trace dye in the smoke vapor, (which is helpful in finding leaks and essential in high pressure leak applications). Read More

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